Update On Milton Rents

Exciting things are happening at Milton Rents! While practicing proper COVID-19 precautions, our new Uxbridge and Shrewsbury locations are open for business and staying busy while the former ProQuip stores are fulfilling customer demands. Development of the new Portland, ME facility is under way, with interior demolition set to begin in August.

Milton Rents offers customers quality products with competitive pricing and outstanding service. With years of experience and quality CAT products behind us, our goal is to make every customer’s experience a good one.

“New England is our sandbox. We have the greatest job in the world,” says Shrewsbury Branch Manager Rich Small. The team’s enthusiasm and dedication resonate with our customers. Customers “are our family. We take care of them.” Our team is on call 24/7 to meet ever-changing customer demands. The Uxbridge and Shrewsbury locations are in constant communication and work as a team to give the customer what they want and make Milton Rents a strong competitor in this challenging industry. The family dynamic of Milton Rents helps us to stand out against the national competitors.

Of course, the most popular rentals are CAT earthmoving equipment; however, aerial rentals have seen a recent increase. Milton Rents customers are diverse, everyone from the weekender to the large contractor. With the onset of the COVID -19 pandemic, employees have seen an uptick of people taking on home projects and coming to Milton Rents for their equipment.

All Milton Rents stores have implemented a variety of safety measures including social distancing, masks and plexiglass barriers.

It has been a smooth transition from ProQuip to Milton Rents at the Gorham, Chichester and Plaistow, NH locations. With the introduction of earthmoving equipment in 2015 and the Milton CAT buyout in 2018, Milton Rents gained a significant competitive advantage. The General Manager of Sales, Chris Barisano believes the acquisition had “the best possible outcome.” As revenue continues to increase, our exceptional reliable service remains.

To improve the overall customer experience, the new Shrewsbury and Uxbridge locations have added eye-catching signage and flat screen displays. Shrewsbury will be installing an interactive monitor for customers to engage and learn with.

We anticipate that our Portland location will be completed by the end of this year. Milton Rents will be occupying 15,000 square feet of the building. Previously, the building was a recycling operation and a warehousing operation.

This is just the beginning! We are excited to see how Milton Rents will evolve. Within the next 10 years, we project the company to grow to many more locations regionwide. Thank you to the incredible teams that are helping to make Milton Rents a success.